The Lady Brazilianaire 

My name is Heather Weatherspoon and I am a 9 year licensed Kentucky Esthetician. 

I am the 2010 PJ's College of Cosmetology graduate.

I’m known as The Lady Brazilianaire because of my impeccable Brazilian Wax skills.

In conjunction to the other services that I offer at the day spa, on average, I Brazilian wax 70 men and women every week.

I’m the author of the 3 ebooks, ‘Getting Clients Into Your Space,’ ‘Turning Your Groupon Clients Into Regular Paying Clients: The Money Making Guide For Salon Professionals,’ and 'The Power of Budgeting & Profit Planning,' 

I'm the author of 1 novel, ‘Surviving Divorce While Making $100k.’

I’m the owner of the manufacturing company that houses the MinaBell Post Waxing Body Care Line, MinaBell Body Care Line and the Exquisite Yoni Herbs.

I am an advocate for women’s health and a monthly Brazilian waxing demonstrator at the local esthetic schools with the city. 

I am the owner of The Waxing Institute where licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologist can learn advance waxing.

I have been featured in the Spa Queen Magazine, The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine and Yes, We Slay Magazine.